Andrea Lutz astanga yoga intensive teacher training workshop

Budapest, October 28. - November 1.

5 days- Friday to Tuesday: 9-11 and 12-15

This advanced training course is offered to all Yoga teachers and Yoga teacher trainees. Advanced long-time practitioners without teaching ambitions are also welcome to participate in order to get a deeper insight into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. This course is designed to support your own practice and the understanding of traditional Ashtanga Yoga as well as your teaching activity. To participate you should have a regular practice of the primary series for at least two years.
This training focuses on teaching Ashtanga Yoga on an individual “one-on-one” basis within a group setting (Mysore style). The aim is to deliver a Yoga practice that corresponds individually to each student. It is the method to ensure that everyone learns Ashtanga Yoga in a safe way, regardless of age and previous

Main focuses of the training:

Yoga Practice
• Bringing forward and supporting your personal practice (one led class and 4
mysore classes)
• Breathing exersises and Meditation
• Yin Yoga – restorative Yoga

Teaching technique
• alignment of the Asanas of the Primary Series
• working with Bandhas, Ujjayi breath and Drishtis
• Mysore style for beginners and advanced students
• how to change the practice in case of injuries

Adjustments training "the art of touch"
Learning how to give safe and helpful adjustments and how to "read" the body
will be a key area of focus in the training.
• different adjustments for each Asana of the Primary Series
• Understanding the "essence of the Asanas" in order to be able to give effective
• Basic Yoga Anatomy, to give precise adjustments
• Recognizing blocked energy and supporting its release
• Adjustments in cases of pre-existing injuries

As well we will have discussions concerning the philosophie and methodology of Ashtanga Yoga.

About Andrea:

Andrea Lutz has been practicing Yoga since 1986 and has been teaching since 1995. For more then a decade she has been focusing her practice and teaching on traditional Ashtanga Yoga. She is known for her well-grounded Yoga lessons and her precise and in-depth adjustments. She has been authorised by Manju P. Jois to teach the first and intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga.

In recent years she has been practicing and studied with Manju P. Jois and Nancy Gilgoff in several workshops, teacher trainings and on long study visits in Maui/Hawaii, where she is travelling annual to learn from Nancy and to deepen her own practice. To extend her knowledge in Ashtanga Yoga she has completed
trainings with John Scott, Dena Kingsberg, Dona Hollemann, David Swenson, to name but a few prominent teachers. She possesses extensive and sound background knowledge of alternative medicine, physiotherapy, and contemporary dance as well as different methods of bodywork therapy. She has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga since 2000 and established her own Ashtanga Yoga School in 2005 in Berlin. She is leading teachers trainings as well as Retreats and Workshops all over Europe. more info:


It is possible to apply just for the whole workshop (5 days)
The price of the course is 25O Euros.
Application is possible until October 1. 2O11. with the payment of 5O % of the price on the following bank account:
Poroszlai Eszter
Budapest Bank
Swift code: BUDAHUHB
Please write at the note: "Andrea Lutz workshop 2011"

Information: Poroszlai Eszter

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