Ashtanga workshop with Eyal Chehanowski, 17th, April, (Saturday)

Ashtanga-workshop with Eyal Chehanowskí
17th, April, (Saturday)

Eyal Chehanowsky is one of Israel’s most distinguished yoga teachers. He is the founder and chief instructor of Lotus Yoga and the Yoga Shala in Israel. He started to practice ashtanga in 1994. A year later he went to Mysore to learn from Patthabi Jois. He started to teach ashtanga in 1996 not only in Israel, but holding workshops from New York through London to Greece and Egypt.

Besides being a highly experienced ashtanga teacher, Eyal is a Rolfing therapist as well. Rolfing is also called deep massage. This method works with strong, intense pressing with the knees, elbow or the bones of the hand. The deep pressings affect the underlying tissues. The method could help to avoid abrasion, cure body deformations and correct posture problems. Eyal is synthesizing his massage therapist experience with his ashtanga teaching method.

More on Eyal:

Shedule  of 17th April, 2010 (Saturday)
9.00 – 11.00: first series
13.00 – 15.00: bandhas, breathing, technical adjustments (you can ask all your questions)
16.00 – 18.00: second series (first-series practitioners could also join)

Each session is 6 000 HUF. If you’d like to join all the three session, then it costs 18 000 HUF. (Of course, participating in each session is not a necessity; you can come to any session you want)

Apply here:
Application deadline: 14th April
Call this number: 06/ 20-956-1834  

You can apply to the workshop until there are free places as the number of people at each session is limited (Only 12 people could come to one class). If you’d like to apply, then you should pay a deposit, which is half of the total amount.  

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